Jump Rope Atlas’ Story

Why Jump Rope Atlas?

When I searched Google for jump rope advice, I found a lot out there.

The problem was that the advice was complicated and took too long to understand.

beginner jump rope advice

That’s when the Jump Rope Atlas journey began.

Rich, simple, and unique content supplemented by cool graphics and videos.

beginner jump rope advice

What can you get out of Jump Rope Atlas?

Well I’m glad you asked.

If you’re looking to add jumping rope into your exercise routine, I can help you take that next step in your journey.

I’m not talking about becoming an Olympic rope jumper.

But I will help you with the basics like beginner jump rope tips, tricks, and exercise routines.

And most importantly, I’ll help you find the best equipment for the lowest prices.

I’ll keep you up-to-date with what I think a regular rope jumper would want to know and help you improve your jump rope game.

If you’re interested in joining the email list, feel free to click that “Join” button.

Don’t worry, I only send out one or two emails per month.