Frequently Asked Jump Rope Questions:

Why is jumping rope so good for boxing?

Jump ropes are great for boxers because they can help with endurance, agility, and quickness which are three tools boxers need to be successful.

Which is the best jump rope to buy?

The first question you need to ask yourself is “what type of jump rope do I want?”

There are generally 6 types: cloth, beaded, speed, leather, double dutch, and weighted. Once you decide that you can move forward with your decision.

After giving this a lot of thought, we’ve discovered that the jump rope below is the best value jump rope on the market today.

Will jumping rope help me lose weight?

It can definitely help.

On average, 10 minutes of jumping rope will burn about 140 calories.

To give you reference, this is similar to what jogging will burn, except jumping rope is not as hard on the knees. 

Comparing jumping rope with running, swimming, and walking

What jump rope length do I need?

Finding the correct rope length is very important to your success in rope jumping.

There are generally five rope sizes used: 7-, 8-, 9-, 10-, and 11-foot.

We made a sizing chart based on your height to determine what length of rope you need.

Will jumping rope get me ripped?

Generally, no.

Jumping rope burns calories mostly. It can also build muscle, but it won’t help you bulk up.


If you already have a lot of muscle, but you have fat surrounding it, then jumping rope could potentially help you get ripped.

Is jump rope better than running?

It all depends on your goals.

Here are the pros and cons of jumping rope and running:

Should you jump rope? Pros and Cons.

Should you run? Pros and Cons

Will jumping rope make you taller?

There is no science behind the theory that jumping rope can make you taller.

The theory originates from one of two things: 1) A placebo effect or 2) Improved posture which in return makes you stand taller.


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