List of the Top 10 Best Beaded Jump Ropes

Beaded jump ropes are great for kids, beginners, gym classes, or anyone looking to lose weight and get in shape.

They work great on surfaces like hardwood floors and concrete.

And with that, here is the list of the best beaded jump ropes on the market today.

The List

1. Sportime Gradestuff Link Jump Ropes, 7 Feet, Set of 6

2. K-Roo Sports Rainbow 7-Feet Jump Rope with Plastic Beaded Segmentation

3. Amble Jump Rope Soft Beaded Segment Jump Rope – Adjustable Men, Women Kids – Tangle-Free Keeping Fit, Training, Workout so on – 7.5 Ft

4. K-Roo Sports Jump Rope with Plastic Beaded Segmentation, 7′, Red/White/Blue

5. K-Roo Sports Lot of 12 7-foot Jump Ropes with Plastic Segmentation

6. Sportime Jump Rope with Plastic Links, 9 Feet, Blue

7. Buy Jump Ropes Long Handle Beaded Jump Rope, Black/White

8. Make Your Own Jump Rope (Set of 6)

9. Buy Jump Ropes Segmented Jump Rope

10. EAGLO Adjustable Jump Ropes for kids & Adult – Rainbow Skipping Rope with Plastic Beaded Segmentation – Boxing MMA Fitness – 8.8ft Purple

A Small Guide to the Beaded Jump Rope


  • The beaded jump rope was probably the first type of rope a lot of us used when we were younger. The main advantage of the beaded jump rope is that it’s usually pretty inexpensive. They’re generally not to fast and are used as a warm up tool or to train beginners before moving onto faster jump ropes.


  • Plastic
  • PVC


  • Simple for beginners (slow and easy to learn)
  • Beads are tough PVC and don’t break often


  • Usually not easily adjustable
  • The handles have been known to come loose while jumping